So pressure is being placed on Theresa May to announce when she is going to quit as PM, the problem with her going is, are the brats of Westminster going to treat her successor the same way? without this useless lot all agreeing on the same thing nothing will change, and lets face it the only things they seem to be united about is their pay rise, holidays and how much they can fiddle their expenses. As I have said before I think the only solution is to take it back to the people and this time make it quite clear that whatever the outcome is that is final, no more debates in parliament etc. To my way of thinking the referendum should be along the lines of.

  Do You Wish To Leave The EU With A Deal  Do You Wish To Leave The EU Without A Deal This would then have the effect of making the peoples wish clear and leave no scope for argument, I appreciate the fact that the majority have already voted to leave (as I did and still think that should stand) but the lines have got so muddled that …
I see a police driver who knocked a boy off of a scooter he had just stolen could face charges of misconduct, the question is WHY? people seem to forget these little toe rags should not be committing the offence in the 1st place, but as usual it is easier to blame everybody else except the toe rags and their parents. Now Wales has decided to stop parents from punishing their children, does it not occur to anybody that it's because of lack of discipline that these kids are like it, so because once again the do-gooders get their own way and get these ludicrous laws introduced every body else has to suffer the consequences, with police having to waste their time cleaning up the mess that the parents should have been stopping in the 1st place, but because of these stupid laws the police, teachers and most of all parents are now afraid to discipline their kids because of fear of being prosecuted. Nobody wants to see children beaten or abused but a good sharp smack to the backside never…
Well it looks like democracy in the United Kingdom is coming to an end, once the Appeaser and the Marxist decide on their version of Brexit and decide that it is what's best for us lowly citizens that will be it, we might as well shut down parliament and just let the 2 of them rule the country, I always understood that when the will of the people is ignored then that becomes a dictatorship, i.e. 1/ A dictatorship is an authoritarian form of government, characterized by a single leader or group of leaders with either no party or a weak party, little mass mobilization, and limited political pluralism (Wikipedia) or 2/ In government, a dictatorship leaves no room for input from anyone who is not the top guy or gal.
So the question is will our elected spineless MP's do the bidding of the people and sort this mess of their making out and stop these 2 before it's to late or are they going to sit back, bury their heads in the sand and let them rule the country as they see fit.

Well the appeaser and the Marxist have had their warning, but will they take note? highly unlikely, these 2 seem to have their own agenda that doesn't involve any body else, how ever did they manage to get to be PM and possible future PM (heaven help us) time for them both to go and take all their lackeys with them, if nothing else Brexit has shown just how badly  British politics needs a massive shake up.
One of the things that I keep reading about is that it is possible that a lot of the problems in parliament are caused by career politicians, and looking at the way it is run that would seem to be the case, it's the same old faces time and time again irrespective of which party is in power, it seems to me that once they get elected they forget about the people that elected them, perhaps the answer is that once they have served their 5 year term they cannot stand for reelection for at least 5 years, that will stop them from not only becoming complacent but also allow fresh minds to tackle the problems, I think we definitely need a new system, if nothing else Brexit has shown that the system we have at the moment does not work and needs to be changed, we cannot let the same people keep making the same mistakes time after time with out repercussions, have they become so arrogant that they think that they know better than the ordinary person what is best for the country as a whole or …
Is anybody else as confused about Mrs May as I am? she claims to be a Conservative, but seems intent on destroying them, she claims the have what is good for the country at heart, but is intent on making us a laughing stock, why is it that even though she has failed 3 times to get her deal accepted, (a deal that even the EU agree is not a good deal) she still wants to submit it again? what is it that is so special about this deal? and who stands to benefit from it the most? nobody that I have spoken to seems to know what this deal involves, surely the fact that nobody wants it speaks volumes and should be enough reason for her to ditch it. So come on Mrs May remember the good old days before you was brain washed, when Brexit meant Brexit, time to ignore the Brats and take notice of the people who pay your wages, time to leave.
If you can't sort it then put it to the people who voted for it, let them decide, do we leave with or without a deal.
Has anybody else noticed that whenever a protest is going on, mainly involving young people, how the Marxist is always offering support, i.e. uni fees, global warming etc, I wonder is he is perhaps desperate to get the young people to vote for him,  but never a cheep from him when it involves protests about prosecuting old soldiers that fought in Ireland or demos about the IRA or terrorists, funny how he was always supporting ban the bomb and any thing to do with his mates in the middle east, i.e. Libya, Hesbola and any other terrorist organizations, makes you realise why he is called the Marxist, do we really want him in power in this country, if by some remote chance he does become Prime Minister will he keep his promise to support all the things he says he will or will the Labour party do what they have always done, throw money at the problem and hope it goes away, and then when the country is on the edge of bankruptcy  leave it to anther party to sort the mess out